Why GuidePoint…

"I am a mother of 3 busy children and a licensed child care provider. I was looking for a pharmacy that helped me simplify my running. Our doctors send our family's prescriptions right to GuidePoint Pharmacy and they bring them to me. My time is not spent running from location to location. The employees are great in knowing what each person is taking and sends a information sheet with the prescription for any concerns that I may have. Thank You GuidePoint!!!" –TD

"When it comes to pharmacies I can say with complete confidence that "they are all NOT created equal". My husband and I have four children and with that being said, we are no strangers to picking up prescriptions and OTC remedies. GuidePoint Pharmacy has been by far the most accommodating, friendly and helpful. I am always greeted with a warm welcome and that extra personal touch. Something you just do not get at the box store locations. My prescriptions are always ready without having to stand in line and wait. They take the time to sit with you on an individual basis and within a private setting to go over anything you should be aware of with your prescription. This is important to me and my family. My wife and I would recommend GuidePoint to anyone!" –The "H" Family 

"I refer everyone that I know to GuidePoint Pharmacy. The care and concern, and the great customer service is the reason why. When my granddaughter was injured, I took my prescription to GuidePoint. Laurie reviewed the prescription and before filling it informed me that she needed to contact the doctor. There was a problem with the prescription, and filling it the way that it was written would have caused problems in a patient my granddaughter's age. Lori took the time to get the prescription right for my granddaughter's sake. At GuidePoint Pharmacy relationships are everything." –KM