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What is telepharmacy?

Through the use of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, pharmacists are able to provide pharmaceutical care to patients at a distance. Telepharmacy expands access to quality health care to communities nationwide, primarily in rural, medically-underserved areas.

Licensed pharmacists provide traditional pharmacy services, including drug utilization review, prescription verification, and patient counseling to a remote site via telepharmacy technology. Retaining the active role of the pharmacist helps assure the delivery of safe, high quality pharmacy services that can be at risk when the pharmacist is left out as in the case of internet and mail-order pharmacies.

For rural communities, a telepharmacy means:
   * local access to a pharmacist and pharmacy services
   * safe, timely delivery of medications
   * enhanced economic development through new

      businesses and added jobs
   * better climate for recruiting and retaining

      health care providers
   * increased potential for attracting new businesses

      and families to the community



"[Telepharmacy] is a great way to restore and retain pharmacy services for many remote rural communities throughout the state. Telepharmacy services produce the same quality as the traditional mode of delivery and provide some value-added features that are not found in traditional pharmacy practice."


Dr. Charles D. Peterson
Dean, Professor,
NDSU College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences